View from the gallery of the tower

 sights and more distant places of interest

The gallery of the tower offers a view of the area of the Lower Rožmberk Castle from the middle of the 13th century, surrounded by the Vltava river. Behind the river stands the Church of St. Nicholas from the 15th century. To the right on the hill there is a Gallows Hill with partially preserved gallows and a unique brake stone. Further beyond the hill, just a few kilometres from here, there is a medieval monastery in Vyšší Brod. On the other side there is an area, where the Upper Castle stood, and further behind lie gardens with the remains of a gloriette. Further from there were carriage paths for the excursions of the owners of the estate, from which only stone brick pillars were preserved. More to the left you can see the Metlice yard, where the Bucquoys had a homestead for breeding cattle. Even more to the left there is a Swiss house called Švýcárna. Approximately twenty kilometres before you, along the stream of the Vltava river, is the city of Český Krumlov with the status of a State significant UNESCO monument.



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