The project for restoration and access of the medieval Jakobínka tower

The project of restoring the medieval tower of Jakobínka was conceived as a living history experiment with the aim of saving an endangered monument and at the same time exploring and verifying historical building procedures and technologies in practice.

The tower of Jakobínka is saved. The reportage on Czech TV.

Investors: Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, National Heritage Institute, the E.ON energy company

Concept autors: Mgr. Petr Pavelec, Ph.D., Petr Růžička

Design and project management of crane and scaffolding: Petr Růžička, Ing. Vít Mlázovský, Ing. Filip Chmel

Computational model for dimension verification: doc. Ing. Petr Fajman, CSc.

Project documentation: Masák & Partner s. r. o.

General contractor: ARCHATT PAMÁTKY spol. s r. o.

NHI construction supervision: ARCHATT PAMÁTKY spol. s r. o.

TDS, work safety: Ing. Petr Novák

Monument supervision: Ing. arch. Radek Liška

Informations about history and restorations of the medieval tower of Jakobínka to download.

Jakobínka's fans connected Rožmberk, the Czech Republic and foreign countries on media networks.

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