Cranes heading for Jakobínka Tower

educational programme

The National Heritage Institute in České Budějovice and the castle management prepared for children educational programme called Cranes heading for Jakobínka Tower (Jeřáby táhnou na Jakobínku).

Pupils will try their hand at assembling simple machines using building sets, thereby putting their theoretical knowledge of physics into practice so they will get an idea in an authentic environment of how building work was carried out in the Middle Ages. The culmination and true experience for all will be a practical exam in working with a replica of a cart with a lever drive. In this part of the educational programme pupils can also demonstrate the ability to work in a group. 

This educational programme will lead to the strengthening of interdisciplinary relationships between history (event, place, dating) – geography (landscape and place) - natural history (material and surrounding landscape) – physics (simple machines) and work activities (their own work).

Children will realize that the future of humanity is determined not only by the speed of development of information technologies and social media, but also by preserving traditions, wisdom, the relationship between man and nature, taking over the experience of our ancestors and learning their skills.

The programme is prepared for pupils from second grade of elementary schools and high schools.

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