The 4th floor

This space is dominated by four large windows allowing views on all sides. It is documented that at the beginning of the 16th century there were two militants who most likely took turns in the line of duty. We can assume that it was this floor, due to the large windows, that was used for observations under worse climatic conditions. At the same time, it could be used at least as a makeshift base with acceptable user comfort. It is possible that the guards could also sleep here. They could use an iron basket, for example, to heat up in the colder months. In the winter months, due to the absence of a firebox and the possibility of closing the window niches, it was very difficult to ensure acceptable conditions in the tower, so it was probably used only sporadically. In the floor there are engravings with the years 1676 and 1797, initials IHS with crosses and axes, as well as the plan of the game mill, all being evidence of what the tower guards did to pass the time. The year 1797 is particularly interesting. That year, the roofing of the tower was being repaired, and it is possible that this may have a direct connection with the engraving.



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